Good HR is Good PR

I always remember this quote about the FBI, which I think was by Special Agent Casper in an episode of the West Wing, where when talking about the FBI he says that their “failures are public and (their) successes are private” which I often think is relatable to us in HR. The FBI sounds like a tough gig, which HR can also be described as.

Undoubtedly we add value to business and some of the projects we engage in are known amongst our peers and internal stakeholders, but relating our successes is often harder than, for example, a manager who can directly demonstrate a revenue-enhancing new product, or an accountant who can identify and implement a substantial cost-saving initiative.

Sometimes, our value comes from areas that require discretion, and can’t be so outwardly discussed within business which can give us a ‘positive press’ issue, and that’s all the more reason why we need to ensure that the good stuff that we do, that can be known amongst others, IS known.

On #HRHour this week, whilst pondering on this I wrote that “Good HR is Good PR” and that we shouldn’t be afraid to join the brass section and learn how to blow our own trumpet when we’ve delivered good work.

Our role and function within the workplace can be so dependent on others and gaining the support of others that influence is important for us. We need to be able to effectively influence our colleagues and a good way of building that influence is by building confidence and through credibility, by promoting that we are a function that delivers, that is integral and one that offers a demonstrable, positive contribution.

There is no shame in sharing our achievements and shouting from the rooftops the role that we have played in decision-making and in enhancing business performance. After all, it is unlikely that others are going to do it for us.

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