#HRMixTape2019 -Whats On Your Mixtape This Year?


2 years ago, I wrote a blog with my HR Mixtape. This is here. It was really well received and so the year after I evolved the idea and opened it up to others. It was really popular and so, well, we’re doing it again.

What is a HR Mixtape?

In a nutshell, this is about creating a blog, vlog, sketchnote, painting, song, rhyme, spotify playlist, whatever you want, that is #HR themed and is structured in such a way that it is linked to at least 5 pieces of music (hence the ‘mixtape’ element).

For example, you may write a blog giving advice on how to implement a HR system with each piece of advice linked to a song, draw a sketchnote around 5 songs talking about your career highlights or record a vlog giving an overview of key themes you believe are important to HR linking each theme to a piece of music. You can do whatever you want, as long as its #HR themed, and includes at least 5 songs.

Here are some examples from last year;-

Michelle – Pocketful of Chelle’s blog

Dan Cross – A guide to conference conversations

Nick Court – A Mixtape in the key of understanding

Keith Enochs – Mixtape

Annette Hill – Mixtape

Mat Davies – Spotify Playlist Mixtape

So why HR? Because HR’s awesome. Why 5 Songs? Because music is a great way of starting discussions and will help us get to know the person behind the contribution. Everybody loves music, right?

Not in HR? Who cares! You can focus your playlist on coaching, business change, HR tech, whatever you want, we’re relaxed on the rules, as long as its broadly linked to ‘people at work’.

There is no set day when you should upload your contribution, or method by which you should do this so go ahead and publish your contribution anytime you want on or after the launch date of Monday 11th February (that is if you want to get involved, obviously) but please include the #HRMixtape2019 hashtag and link to your contribution on Twitter so others can pick up your contribution. Using the hashtag will also make it easier to find all contributions when we collate them at the end.

There is a deadline for when this will end and that time and date is 9pm, Monday 25th February 2019. I’d like all submissions shared on Twitter by that point.

If you don’t have a means of publishing your contribution, whatever your contribution may be, feel free to send them to me at mark.hendy@southwaleshrforum.co.uk and i’ll publish your contribution on this website.

This is a bit of fun, and is an opportunity to see some really great content that has been put together as creatively as people want to be. 2018’s Mixtape contributions are going to take some beating with contributions coming from all over the world, but I’m confident that you are going to beat that this year.

So have fun, get involved (if you want to) and get creative. Remember the launch date, is Monday of next week.




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