#cipdACE Trust, Evidence and Optimism

It’s almost half way through day one of #cipdACE 2018 at the Manchester Convention Centre and so far today I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a wide range of viewpoints from people such as Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD, Rachel Botsman, best-selling author of ‘Who Can You Trust’ as well as Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Oxford, Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer at PTHR and author of ‘Transformational HR’ and Kim Atherton, Chief People Officer, all talking about a wide range of issues that affect the world of HR.

Starting the day and opening the event as is customary was Peter Cheese. Peter opened the proceedings by outlining the political reality of the world right now and the ability of HR to affect change. Peter gave an inspirational opening talk where a range of topics was discussed but what jumped out at me, and inspired me most, was the focus on ‘evidence’.

Peter explained that this is a pivotal moment for HR to build trust, to create change and to influence, and outlined how we need to continue to focus to raise the voice of the profession and build our impact.

Peter outlined the importance of the launch of the new profession map and gave a call to arms with the statement that ‘we need to put HUMAN back in to HUMAN RESOURCES’.

Focusing on evidence, Peter encouraged delegates not only to use evidence but to think about using good evidence and questioning the quality of what we accept. Peter mentioned that hr have often relied on fads and fashions in the past and that we need to get away from that. To regular readers of my blog (all 2 of you) you will know that this is music to my ears.

Peter then introduced keynote speaker Rachel Botsman whose expertise is in the area of ‘Trust’.

In an enlightening talk, Rachel discussed how ‘trust’ is one of those words like ‘disruption’ and ‘innovation’ that people are talking about a lot but asked the audience to think about what we really mean by ‘Trust’. Rachel discussed trust signals, which are clues and signals that help us decide if someone is trustworthy or not, as well as the ‘Trust Gap’ where Rachel told a hilarious story of how her childhood nanny ran a drugs ring and used the family car as a getaway vehicle, unbeknown (obviously) to her parents who thought she was trustworthy due to her connection with the Salvation Army.

Towards the end of Rachel’s opening keynote she carried out an exercise with delegates in the room/s. Rachel asked delegates to give their phone to the stranger next to them for 30 seconds to do what they wanted with. It was really interesting to see how people in the room reacted. Me personally, I did nothing with the phone of the person next to me. I thought it was more important to respect their privacy.

Following this I briefly visited session A7 which was a discussion on ‘Agile HR’ with Perry Timms and Kim Atherton. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the full duration but it was great to see people really engaging with the content and sharing viewpoints with one another. Both Perry and Kim brought very relatable experience and refreshing attitudes towards HR that clearly enthused the room.

Following this, I took a walk around the exhibition hall and spoke with some exhibitors and delegates. There is a wonderful feeling of optimism amongst attendees that is lovely to see and feel.

And now its lunchtime! So, more later.

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