#cipdACE OD, Sex and Heartbeats

I attend lots of conferences, talks, panels and so forth and I see a mixed bag of speakers and content.

Most are good to great, some are not so good, some are phenomenal. The session that I have just left was incredible.

B1, entitled ‘Why organisational development is the strategic future of HR‘ was being lead by Dr Mee Yan Cheung-Judge, who was recently announced as HR Magazine’s ‘HR Most Influential Thinker 2018’ and who comes with an outstanding reputation across the HR sphere. Many of my friends and people I admire and respect in the HR world, wax lyrical about Dr Cheung-Judge and so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Dr Cheung-Judge started her session by explaining that despite the title ‘OD is not the strategic future of HR’ explaining that ‘HR is the strategic future of HR’ in the context of, all specialisms and strands being integral to strategic HRM.

Dr Cheung-Judge continued with a call of arms to the HR profession, informing us that we are indispensable across organisations and that we are the lifeblood. She continued that HR ‘needs to be a garment of confidence’ and that we should ‘stick out our chest, never apologise, as businesses would be in a really sad place if HR did not have a voice’.

Through a slide deck which will become available to all (and when it does, I endeavour to share it far and wide) Dr Cheung-Judge explained that an external focus is vital, and that in order for HR to become a desirable commodity, we need to know the outside world’. There was a reference to the World Economic Forum ‘Deep Shift’ report which you can access here. Additionally, Dr Cheung-Judge gave a whistlestop overview of OD and detailed the essential need to adapt OD practice over time and depending on situation.

A startling revelation came when Dr Cheung-Judge explained that ‘Everyone thinks they know what OD is but don’t. Like Sex’.

As an aside, Dr Cheung-Judge was a fascinating speaker. The depth of understanding that was clearly evident behind the talk meant that she could talk with authority and credibility, and she did so humorously and in a very engaging way. Those around me were hanging on her every word.

Finally, Dr Cheung-Judge finished with a Q&A facilitated by CIPD Membership Director, David D’Souza whereby she answered a question with the line ‘We sometimes think that we don’t matter. We really do’.

I think that’s a great point on which to end this blog.

One thought on “#cipdACE OD, Sex and Heartbeats

  1. Did she explain what OD is? I absolutely agree with the importance of HR at the table, but I’m not sure this is new news?


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