Blogsquaddie Reporting In – #cipdLDShow


I’m really pleased to be a member of this years blog squad at the CIPD Learning and Development Show which is taking place in Olympia, London on 25th and 26th April.

This year the blog squad includes along with myself, Jo Wainwright (@Jo_coaches), Mike Collins (@Community_Mike), Denise Sanderson-Estcourt (@DamsonHR), Patrick Mullarkey (@mentormullarkey), Mike Shaw (@MikeShawLD) and last but certainly not least, artist extraordinaire, Simon Health (@SimonHeath1). This is a really great group of people who i’m honoured to be blogsquadding with.

I’m very excited to be a part of this, largely because i’ve never been part of a blog squad before, although those that follow me know that I live-tweet lots of conferences for my own content curation purposes. Secondly, I’ve not previously attended the CIPD L&D Show so this is going to be a really interesting ‘first time’ experience in lots of ways.

If you are not familiar with a blogsquad or what one does, it’s essentially a group of people who curate content from conferences and events, and share it across various social media and blogging platforms. This allows key messages, themes and information to be seen by as many people as possible. It helps those at the conference keep track of what is going on in sessions that they may not have been able to attend, and will also help those who aren’t at the conference but are following the social media feed via what is often called ‘the back channel’.

I’m going to be using my Twitter feed and this blogging site to share information, and my aim is to be as interactive as possible. If you want me to ask any questions, obtain any further information or point you in the direction of further resources, I will try my best to do that. Beware, I will be wandering the floors armed with my phone, tablet and a selfie-stick.

This will be quite an intriguing experience for me as a HR (Neo) Generalist. My background is not as an L&D specialist but as a HR specialist with a reasonably decent understanding of both traditional and emerging L&D and OD. This I feel will allow me to approach each conference session with almost a ‘blank canvas’ mindset. I’m going into this with my eyes wide open and a completely open mind, as they say.

But crucially, i’m really looking forward to simply learning new stuff. Learning from talks, case studies, suppliers, attendees, other blog squadders and those in my PLN who may be in attendance. And once I’ve learned this new stuff, I look forward to sharing it far and wide across my Twitter and Blogsite.

So onwards to the 25th/26th April – follow my Twitter account (and the accounts of all the other blogsquadders) to stay up to date with everything thats going on, and don’t be afraid to come and say hello if you see me at the event (as long as i’ve eaten, I won’t bite).