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I’m getting lots of questions around what ‘The HR Hour’ is, including when it will be kicking off and what I hope to achieve with it, so here goes.

In 2015 when I started using Twitter for both professional and personal use, I stumbled across a fantastic community of HR, L&D and OD Professionals all of whom to this day I regularly converse with on a daily basis and many of whom I am pleased to say have become friends. I didn’t really use the term ‘network’ but I quickly discovered that this group of people referred to one another as members of their own #PLN which stands for ‘Personal Learning Network’. 18 months on from when I became a Social HR professional, I recognise how very fortunate I am to have discovered this group, and to keep discovering HR professionals and extending my PLN further, because these HR pros, without a shadow of a doubt, have given me the opportunity grow as an HR professional.

Twitter has now become my place of learning. Yes, that’s right, Twitter! Before becoming a Social HR Professional, if anyone had said that Twitter was one of the best places to learn I wouldn’t have taken them seriously, and now here i’m saying it, because it’s so true. Through using Twitter and connecting with other HR Professionals, i’ve discovered the HR blogging community, where interesting articles are posted every day on a range of HR and related topics. I’ve also discovered great HR pro’s with a range of different specialisms, and i’m yet to connect with anyone who won’t offer support or help with a query if you have a question either about a topic generally or about that professionals expertise. It’s also a great place to discover emerging HR trends and information, usually right at the point of breaking.

One of the things i’ve enjoyed most is some of the live Twitter Chats, in particular the awesome work of @LnDConnect. Every Friday at 8am GMT, a moderator on the LnDConnect Twitter account launches a question, and HR professionals (mainly L&D and OD) get involved in a fantastic discussion. People dip in and out depending on if they have the time and if they have the inclination, and the really great thing about it is, there’s no pressure to get involved or participate, with some users watching the discussion through following the hashtag #LDinsight, whilst others respond and get involved with the various different discussions that branch off from the initial question. It really is a great idea, run by a great group of people, with smart, often humorous and regularly thought-provoking discussion.

So why have I launched #HRHour – because i’ve been inspired to do so by @LnDConnect. As an HR Professional, i’d personally like to take part in the same type of discussion as #ldinsight but on HR topics unrelated to L&D, so we are giving this a go. If we get traction and great discussion then we’ll persevere, if we don’t then we tried, but what’s the harm in trying? I’m also hoping to continue with my quest to make HR a more Social-Media friendly profession that embraces sites such as Twitter and I hope some participants get the same privilege i’ve had and build great PLN’s of their own.

As for topics I hope to cover, it’s the full gambit of HR, including employment law, reward, talent management, employee relations, engagement, culture, data and everything in between.

So this is going to take place on Thursday evenings at 8pm GMT (chosen to try to capture worldwide participation) and for now I will be facilitating the discussion, but if it sticks and other HR professionals want to take over the account and share the duties – then by all means please get in touch with me and volunteer.

I’ve got 293 followers on the @HR_Hour account as this blog is being published – when we get to 300, we’ll launch. So please spread the word and I hope to see lots of you get involved in the discussion.