Be Like HR


I read a lot about how HR should be more like other functions. It used to be Finance, currently its Marketing.

I get it, I do and there’s merit to it, but what I want is for HR to be more like… HR.

Yes we should “speak the language of the business” like our finance colleagues, and contextualise our contribution by having a solid grasp of the core nature of our organisations like our operational colleagues have, and of course, yes it’s clearly very useful to think like our marketing partners when promoting our activities to gain buy-in or to develop our employer brand.

HR should be like other departments, but other departments could learn a thing or two from us as well. Any department could be better and should look to be a Frankensteins monster version of themselves.

I want HR to be more like HR, only sometimes better.

I want HR to continue to care about the things no one else will think of or won’t think about with quite as much compassion and detail.

I want HR to continue to tirelessly promote the People agenda, by being mindful of employee wellbeing, personal development, and engagement. Real, authentic, meaningful engagement.

I want HR to continue to be the trusted critical friend of other employees at all levels throughout an organisation, to be the friendly shoulder and empathetic ear.

I want HR to continue to be more credible, leaving the fads behind and implementing tried and tested, evidence-based projects of work that add value to the organisation.

I want HR to continue to be the one department that remembers that the CEO/MD/GM is also an employee too.

Finally I want HR to be confident. Confident that we don’t need to put other departments on a pedestal as something we need to work towards but be confident that if we keep doing what we are doing, if we keep developing, evaluating, enhancing, learning and evolving, then we’ll become the benchmark.

Go and become that benchmark – go and be awesome.

My song for this post – Bon Iver with Holocene which includes my favourite lyric “At once, I knew, I was not magnificent…. I could see for miles, miles, miles”