There’s Something Awesome Happening in HR in Wales


Just over a year ago I formed the South Wales HR Forum and I talked a bit about why I did this in an earlier blog post which you can read here.

Whilst South Wales had our fair share of HR events and opportunities to discuss and recognise the future of our profession, I felt that there was a gap for a group that was going to do things a little differently.

I guess in hindsight, whilst I am and aways have been passionate about influencing the direction of the profession in this country, I was a little disengaged at that time.

A year on and we are doing some excellent work at the South Wales HR Forum to make the most of the gap we identified and to provide a different offering to the South Wales HR community, which compliments the work of others. Hopefully 2017 is going to be an awesome year for us but we are ending 2016 with an important evening discussing Brexit and how it might impact the workplace in Wales. Want to come along? Sure – the ticket link is here 😉

However, in all honesty and on reflection, I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t appreciate what else actually was going on in Wales at the time of my disengagement, as I didn’t network very much and wasn’t quite as avid a Social Media user as I am now.

I’m writing this post in the week of the CIPD Wales Conference which is taking place in Cardiff on Friday 14th October. The programme for the event is fascinating and brings to Wales some of the vital topics we need to discuss more of to continue to influence the future world of work. There’s a lot of excitement in the air about Fridays event and the fact that the following day CIPD Wales are hosting a student conference positively reinforces the passion to support those who will be influencing the profession in the future. This conference follows CIPD Wales recently publishing their programme of events for the next 12 months where Neuroscience, a vitally important subject, is placed front and centre.

On top of this, the South Wales HR Network has recently rebranded as the Wales HR Network and have kicked things off in style by announcing a fantastic new Awards Ceremony recognising the achievements of the HR community in Wales. You can read up on these awards by visiting the website, with varied categories recognising all different fields within the profession.

Yolk Recruitment’s Insights sessions also continue to go from strength to strength with presentations on key topics happening regularly. I had the pleasure of speaking at an Insights event in September where I experienced first hand the energy and passion from those in the room.

In Wales we also have HR News, a weekly newsletter for the HR profession that I look forward to receiving every Thursday and of course we wouldn’t have HR News if it wasn’t sponsored by Welsh HR Software firm Activ Absence, who have designed various cutting-edge HR systems to support businesses right throughout the UK.

All of these things and much, much more have created a fantastic buzz in the HR community in Wales, a positive atmosphere that I firmly believe will get  stronger and stronger.

So a huge credit to all concerned, keep it up, excellent work is being done and the community is benefitting hugely because of it.

As you can tell, i’m no longer disengaged!

I look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces on Friday!