My Response To Amber Rudd

Today at the Tory Party Conference, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd outlined proposals where businesses could be forced to disclose the number of foreign workers they employ in an effort to encourage these companies to hire more British workers.

I am staggered at this proposal and quite frankly disgusted that this idea has even made it as far as being a proposal outlined at a party conference.

The word universally used to condemn this harebrained idea is ‘divisive’.

Every day I become more fearful for the tensions that political decisions are causing or aggravating in the UK and todays announcement will not have helped matters.

Businesses should in no way be discouraged from employing migrant workers. As Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD stated in his press release today, the government should be sending “positive messages that migrant workers make to the UK economy”, they shouldn’t be irresponsibly promoting damaging ideas such as this. I strongly encourage everyone to read Peter’s statement (here), and I applaud the CIPD in coming out as quickly and strongly as they have.

We celebrate diversity in this country. We recognise that our multi-cultural society has been built and bettered by having a range of ideas from a range of people from a range of backgrounds and our businesses have benefited from filling skills gaps by recruiting from outside of the UK to fill roles that the UK talent pool has simply not been able to service.

Businesses have been strengthened, enhanced and enriched by having a diverse workforce and the future world of work ought to be built upon the same freedom without fear of being negatively tarnished by such a farcical idea as the one proposed today.

I have this evening started a petition on the government petitions website to immediately retract the idea put forward by Amber Rudd and I will add a link once the petition goes live, should I meet the criteria required for the petition to go live on the website.