Social Media & Me


Tomorrow I have the pleasure of speaking to a room of HR professionals in Cardiff about embracing Social Media. I’ve talked at similar events in the past about certain areas of HR but this is the first time on this subject. I’m quite excited. I’m also quite nervous. My introverted tendencies mean this isn’t uncommon for me.

I’ve been working on formulating what I want to say for a number of weeks and last night I redrafted my slide pack completely, stripping it back to a small handful of slides. I did this consciously because I was helpfully provoked to do so on Twitter by one of my friends, Alistair (@acockroft). I also decided to avoid death by powerpoint and so used a different type of software called HaikuDeck. Three guesses where I heard about Haikudeck. That’s right, Twitter, from another friend, David (@DDS180).

I guess that defines in a neat summary what I have got out of broadening my Social Media presence and what I value about it the most. I now have a great online network that I have HR (and associated accoutrement) in common with who help me, challenge me, encourage me, correct me, debate with me, inform me, and support me.

Tomorrow, I will tell those i’m lucky to be speaking with, that Social Media has opened up a whole new world for me and made me realise that it’s definitely like Garlic Bread, i.e. the future. There is an overwhelming amount of information being shared that is infinitely more than just useful. Its the place to be to learn about emerging HR, for the norm to be challenged respectfully, to join the debate and to help inform the outcome. But what i’ve realised is that the world of work is most definitely changing at a rapid pace. HR is absolutely changing and I believe Social Media is one of the key arenas where the conversations are taking place to influence the direction of our profession.

I’m going to come clean as well though. Sometimes, some of the discussions that are taking place make me feel vulnerable, because its of a level of debate where I can feel out of my depth however even by following these conversations I am at least becoming better informed.

I am reminded here that when President Bartlett in my favourite programme, The West Wing was challenged that he didn’t know something he would say that it “wasn’t that he didn’t know about it, it’s just that he hadn’t learned it yet”. I’m learning so much.

In October 2015, when I created the South Wales HR Forum, I started on my mission to raise the profile of HR in Wales, and to help influence the direction of what I have chosen as a career. Hopefully i’ve started to do that and I would not have been able to make any ground that I have if it wasn’t for the way I use Social Media.

I look forward to telling the attendees tomorrow about my new Personal Learning Network, about how LinkedIn should be used and Twitter embraced, and about how this valuable resource should be maximised to help HR professionals. I’ll be encouraging attendees to look after their digital footprint along with their personal brand and to contribute to the discussion instead of watching on the sidelines.

I look forward to telling the attendees that Social Media for HR Pro’s is awesome, and that my experience, has so far been incredibly positive.

I’ll let you know how I get on.