Warning! What do assumptions make?


HR professionals have a unique opportunity to make work a better place to be. In over a decade in this profession I have realised that the old cliche is correct – no two days are ever the same. Its this variety that often leads to the excitement. Yes thats right, excitement, for those who prescribe to the incorrect stereotype that it isn’t an exciting career choice. I thoroughly enjoy what i do and get a lot out of it.

We come across new ideas often and the literature thats easily accessible to us in this profession is fantastic for sharing these new ideas along with innovative thinking, and the plethora of interesting blogs and discussion forums allow us to delve deeper into these topics along with other contributors.

This is great when we come back to work and we come across new challenges and opportunities that we are required to help address.

It’s connecting our thinking and enthusiasm for new ideas with the task in hand that inspired me to write this piece.

I often wonder if the reason People Programmes fail, is because the solution that is being applied has not been selected because it is the best possible process to resolve a specific matter, but because it has yielded fantastic results in other businesses that had a similar, yet not identical matter to resolve.

This short blog is just a cautionary reminder. We must choose our processes with two questions in mind;- What is the real issue I need to address, and is this the best solution to solve that issue?

We must not think ‘this is a great process, it has to be what this company needs’. It still might work, but alternatively, it might cause organisational damage.

We must be careful not to have enthusiasm fuelled tunnel-vision that leads us along the wrong path but need to take time to reflect. Bank the great ideas, learn as much as possible, use them when its right to use them, but stop. Pause. And put the problem, not the solution, first.